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Dairy Equipments

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Brush Cutter

Brush Cutter is most commonly utilized in gardens and farms for cutting long grasses to uniform lengths in a hassle free manner. It is provided with a shield above cutting blades to prevent any harm to user. For easy maneuverability, this cutter is provided with two handles that also assist in better control during cutting operation. Brush Cutter comprises an ergonomic muffler & fuel tank at top which helps in generating torque for rotation.

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Anti Kick Bar

Anti Kick Bar is most commonly used for aggressive cows that do not like being milked. It is used by hooking it's one end just above udder where flaccid-like ligament is hanging down. Then bar is gently pushed upward around her spine and slightly angled towards tail head. It prevents cow from kicking & destroying parlor during milking. Anti Kick Bar is made of strong steel alloy with galvanized surface finish to prevent corrosion. It also comprises flat rubber or plastic stoppers at both ends to prevent any injury to cows. Features: Easy to adjust length Excellent structural stability Highly durable

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Earth Auger

Earth Auger is most commonly utilized for drilling hole in land for agricultural & farming purposes. It is fitted with a spiral blade coiled around a rotating rod. This auger operates with help of a heavy duty engine fitted at the top. To assure better handling & control, it is also provided two strong handles that prevent slipping during drilling operation. Earth Auger is greatly admired for quickly creating a hole by evenly removing sand out from the ground. Features: Produces low amount of vibrations Reduces operator’s fatigue High torque generating ability

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Chain Saw

Chain Saw is a hand operated device which is mainly utilized for cutting wooden blocks, bars, and trees. It is fitted with a high quality motor which assists in generating torque required for cutting. This saw works on principle of rotating a sharp chain which moves along guide bar. It is fitted with a small fuel tank which serves as a power source for motor. Chain Saw contains a crankshaft which turns gear assembly that is connected to sprocket on which chain is fitted. Features: Perfect hand grip with throttle trigger Assures easy fuel filling Smooth cutting operation

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Cow Mats

Cow Mats are made of high grade rubber that can easily bear good amount weight & impact without cracking. They are widely utilized in milking farms and are designed having small & round projections that prevent slipping. These mats are also known to prevent accumulation of pathogens that result in various health disorders in cows. They are easy to maintain and do not skid from floor easily. Offered Cow Mats also provides a comfortable resting period for livestock with improved blood circulation in teats & udder. Features: Easily washable Prevents harm to knees & horns during lying down & standing Helps in reducing stress & lameness

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Milk Can ss(304)

Milk Can SS(304) is highly appreciated for having strong structural configuration with shiny surface finish. It is completely food safe in nature and is required for storing and transporting milk over both long and short distances in safe & easy way. This can is also welded with handle on both sides to assure easy lifting for emptying purpose. Milk Can SS(304) offered by us also has excellent impact strength and corrosion resistance. Features: Curved mouth to prevent spilling & ensuring easy pouring Large volumetric capacity Great dimensional stability

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Dairy Fan

Dairy Fan is required for maintaining internal temperature of farms and prevent excessive heat build up. It is highly appreciated for having high speed rotation with large area covering ability. Enclosure of this fan is made of high grade steel alloy having a number of parallel blades at front and wire mesh at back side. It is a 6 blade fan which assures excellent air circulation even in big farms. Dairy Fan is also equipped with variable speed drive for controlling fan speed as required according to climate. Features: Great efficiency even during hottest of summers Comprises heavy duty long lasting motor Longer service life Specification Model : 1380 Blade (mm) : 1250 Blade speed (rpm) : 440 Motor speed (rpm) :1400 Motor capacity (Hp) :1.5 Noise (Db) :<64 Air Flow (m) : 15(3mps)

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Milk Cream Separator

Milk Cream Separator is a mechanical device which is mainly utilized in dairies for producing skim milk. It works on principle of using centrifugal force for separate light fat globules on top and a non-fat fraction at bottom. This separator is provided with a steel made container which is fitted with an agitating assembly. It is powered by a high quality rotating motor which generates torque required for cream separation. Milk Cream Separator offered by us is very easy to use and requires no special maintenance. Features: Ergonomic table top structure Has ability to rotate at 5000 to 6000 rpm Provided with a section for automatically separating skim milk

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Feeding Bottle

Feeding Bottle offered by us is made of food grade plastic polymer to prevent any chances of toxicity. It is required for feeding milk or other liquid food items to calves. This bottle is provided with a long & soft nipple at top to ensure easy sucking. Precisely threaded cap assures leak-proof and tight fastening. Feeding Bottle also has a handle for convenient handling and a flat base for firm standing while filling. Features: Easy to wash High crack resistance due to accidental fall Recyclable in nature

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Hedge Trimmer

Hedge Trimmer is a hand operated farm equipment which is required for trimming bushes & small trees in gardens, farms, and parks. It has been equipped with a small engine with fuel tank for providing required power during cutting process. This trimmer has number teethed blades along blunt guard that move back & forth at high speed to perform cutting operation. Hedge Trimmer offered by us is easy to operate with help of a throttle switch which is provided on handle. Features: Equipped with a hand guard Assures smooth trimming operation Contains a self priming pump

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Milk Can

Milk Can offered by us is made of high quality glass and is provided with strong thermoplastic base and air tight lid. It is widely utilized for collecting milk for sampling purpose in order to check amount of protein, fat, and minerals. This can is also available in metallic structural configuration with automatic teat cup assembly for directly collecting milk during milking process. Milk Can is also provided with steel pipe opening on lid for adding chemical during testing without completely opening lid. Features: Easy to wash Have volumetric markings on outer surface No special maintenance required

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Water Pump

pecification Pump Outlet Size : 100 inlet size : 100 Lift, Max size head : 25 Displacement : 80 Suction, max head : 7 Engine Displacement (m): 389 Fuel capacity (L):6.7 Min fuel consumption : 374g /kw/H Max power output :13 Uniqueness : iron camshaft,oil-alert,yin long carburator, pulley wheel


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